Website Designers in Bhutan

A Web designer is a person who creates web content. This position is primarily responsible for the styling and layout of pages containing content, such as text and photos. Web designers use a variety of technologies, but the most prevalent are hypertext and hypermedia resources, such as HTML, CSS, and other Web design tools.

Webix Studio

Webix Studio is a Thimphu-based digital design and web development firm. We specialize in high-performance website designs that help your brand develop a strong online presence and connect with consumers on both a physical and emotional level. Our vision is to help Bhutanese businesses succeed online by empowering their ambitions and assisting them in achieving their objectives.

The Bhutan Web

Experience Professional web design business with over 5 years of expertise and experienced personnel. Designing using the most up-to-date technologies, mobile-friendly, responsive design, and one of the most secure hosting platforms with all security guarantees and backups. We offer cloud hosting for websites, e-mail accounts, and applications. We also work with the greatest hotel software in the world that is cloud-based. We offer comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. We have successfully designed over 200 websites, including travel agencies, hotels, non-profit organizations, and corporations. We have a server administrator staff that is in charge of server setup and maintenance.


Web-Nuk was founded in 2005 to satisfy the expanding demands of the IT industry. Since then, the company has fine-tuned effective solutions for small to large organizations using the most up-to-date business procedures and project management approaches. We are a future leader in IT solution services because of our attention to detail and quality of work, as well as our thorough market research and ability to respond quickly to the needs of small and large enterprises.

Green e-solution

A group of Bhutanese professionals dedicated to providing top-notch online and software development services. The company has been producing websites since the internet was first available in Bhutan, and we have specialized in software and app development over the years.

We were situated in Changzamtok, Thimphu, and provided services both within and outside of Bhutan. Government institutions, corporations, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), countless private entities, and even individual blogs are among our clients.

We’ve successfully designed and implemented software for national government agencies, as well as launched platforms for internet entrepreneurs.

Our firm discovered services that are needed and capitalized on opportunities after years of involvement in Bhutan’s ICT industry and working with various stakeholders.

Druk Web Server

Free Domain Registration, Web Hosting from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Austria, APACHE Server, PHP (All Versions), Instant Activation, Local Contact, 24×7 Support, Designing, and more…

Provides website development and hosting services to Bhutanese and international clients. Dynamic/Static Web Development, Content Management Systems, User Defined Application Softwares, Brochure, Logo Design, SEO, and Web Consultancy are some of our specialties.

iDruk Solution

Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, is home to iDruk Solutions, a web design and development company. Our aim is to provide high-value IT solutions to our clients by combining technology, domain expertise, process focus, and a commitment to long-term client relationships. We analyze websites, identify trends, and share best web practices to provide you with the most effective ideas and tools for attracting new clients.
iDruk Solution offers a comprehensive range of specialized services to meet all of your company’s requirements. Their skilled staff of designers, programmers, and search marketing consultants deliver a high-quality service that reflects their years of online experience.
They can change their minds. Adaptable to a great extent. They like to listen to strange ideas and try to make sense of them. They go above and above the call of duty with their services. As a client, you can expect prompt service and real care. They operate in a simple fashion, with minimal criteria, terms, and restrictions. And they enjoy doing what they do, which is why they are good at it. They assist you in bringing your concepts to reality. If you have a project in mind and would want some input, contact them. They will be ecstatic to receive your message.

Jaigaon Bhutan Website Designing

Jaigaon Bhutan Website Designing & Hosting is a web design and hosting company that aspires to leave its mark in the magnificent hills that surround the town of Jaigaon. MatrixWebpro Technologies, a prominent web development and service provider organization in India, offers Jaigaon Bhutan Website Designing & Hosting as a service stream.

For many, Jaigaon, a lovely tiny town bordering Bhutan (Phuentsholing), is a prospective commercial centre. People from several Indian states live here and have established successful businesses. Another cause for Jaigaon’s rapid development and progress is the presence of Phuentsholing Bhutan. And we don’t want to be left behind in this scenario. As a result, we’ve started a website development company in this lovely town in the hopes of working with a variety of businesses to help them establish a digital presence in the world of the internet.