Digital Marketing Course in Bhutan

Do you want to learn about the best digital marketing courses available in Bhutan? It appears like your search is coming to a close! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 digital marketing institutes in Bhutan, together with all of the course information you’ll need to make an informed decision. Every marketer strives to contact their target audience at the optimal time and location. Marketers’ jobs have been made easier by digital marketing. As a result, every organization has begun to include digital marketing into its operations.

This is one of the main reasons why companies need more and better digital marketing expertise. As a result, the need for digital marketing employment is growing.

digital marketing course chhundu training insitute

1. Chhundu Training Insitute

Chhundu Training Institute is a Bhutanese training institute that believes in forming businesses around contemporary requirements. Digital Marketing, DUELI, and IELTS are just a few of the courses they offer (Writing-Reading-Listening-Speaking). Students that are keen to learn should enroll in the Digital Marketing Program.

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Visit, contact, call +975-17886172, or follow us on Instagram @tandin333, Facebook @Tandin Norbu, Linkedin @Tandin Norbu, or Twitter @tandin333 for more information.

2.Yboo Digital

Y-Boo Digital  is a newly established  in Bhutan, situated in Yonphula, Trashigang. The firm’s services include graphic design, social media marketing campaign and page management, content authoring, and website design. This company is headed by five employees who earned a Diploma in Information Technology from Thimphu’s BeTa Park IT Institute (E-Commerce).

2. Employees work in a meaningful atmosphere where they have equal opportunities for learning and personal development.

3. Startups and entrepreneurs are given a motivating environment in which to create and succeed, and

4. The value of our company to our shareholders is enhanced as we continue to grow.

3. BeTa Park

Beta is a self-sustaining community that fosters creativity, inclusivity, innovation, diversity, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration among people from all walks of life through the thoughtful deployment of appropriate technologies for education and life-long learning.

To establish a global, socially conscious, technology-enabled life-long learning and development community in which:

  1. Businesses and other stakeholders are aided in achieving greater success.
    Learners are given the tools they need to succeed in the future.
Blue dragon digital marketing

In Thimphu, Bhutan, Boston, Massachusetts, and New Delhi, the BDDM has a big and diversified collection of credential teams. BDDM provides online marketing, e-commerce, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and pay per click services, to name a few. Thanks to decades of social media marketing experience, BDDM is the right place to brand both international and small retail enterprises. You can rely on BDDM to assist you in planning your company’s digital transition. In addition to social media marketing, BDDM aims to improve your website’s online presence. BDDM has a set of standards in place to ensure that its partners are kept up to date on the results. The core strategy of BDDM is win-win; it delivers on what it promises.

4.  Blue Dragon Digital Marketing

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing (BDDM) is a digital marketing and search engine optimization industry leader. With offices in Thimphu and Paro, it is Bhutan’s best digital marketing agency. Blue dragon provides highly qualified specialists who are experts in social media marketing channels and can help you achieve the best SEO and digital marketing outcomes possible. Blue Dragon Digital Marketing is the firm to call when it comes to getting digital.

1. IIDE-Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE, which was named “India’s Best Digital Learning Institute” by the Indian Education Congress and Awards 2020, is now expanding globally and increasing the benchmark for education.

It’s what we refer to as “futuristic learning.” Unlike other traditional institutes, IIDE does not encourage students to use obsolete PowerPoint presentations to learn. We believe in a curriculum that is tailored, concise, and relevant to real-world situations.

And, as Covid-19 has demonstrated, the sooner we begin to adapt to the internet media, the better it will be for us. In this aspect, IIDE has already gone a step farther.